All products in this category are made for styling, decorating and conceiling, p.e. your Omnipod DASH patch pump.

Zuckerschmuck offers you accessories to feel beautiful with diabetes: We have various skin disinfectants and skin protection sprays, which form a barrier between sensor and skin. After changing the sensor/pump, you can beautify it with colorful stickers and decorative tapes. We also recommend sensor bracelets and Loop armbands for a temporary cover during sports or sleep. Your reader can be ly stored in one of our belt pouches or cases, or protected from scratches with our screen protectors. All our products are made with love and preferably regionally.

Note: Our tapes and bracelets are purely decorative. They do not serve any medical purpose and are not a medical device within the meaning of the Medical Devices Regulation. Please also note that according to the respective manufacturer, glucose sensors, catheters or patch pumps do not require any additional decoration such as decoration plasters, Tapes, patches or sensor holders.