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TapeGuard helps you to apply the decorative tape perfectly, even to difficult areas of the body, without any help from others.
The new aid for our ring tapes “TapeGuard” is a soft, very flexible, transparent and air-permeable edging that fits seamlessly like a second skin to any part of the body (belly, arm, leg). TapeGuard and ringtape cover your CGM sensor perfectly.
Our decorative tapes are hypoallergenic and very kind to the skin. TapeGuard can be permanently reused.
The round TapeGuard is supplied with 3 decorative tapes in covering beige. The decorative tapes in beige or colourful can be ordered here .

You want to bring some colour into your daily diabetes routine and make your sensor look less medical and sterile? Matching stickers for your Dexcom G7 are available in our shop and compatible with the TapeGuard and our decorative tapes.

Note: Our tapes and armbands are purely decorative. They do not serve any medical purpose and are not a medical device within the meaning of the Medical Devices Regulation. Please also note that according to the respective manufacturer, glucose sensors, catheters or patch pumps do not require any additional decoration such as decoration plasters, tapes, patches or sensor holders.

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