Hello diabuddies! My name is Sonja, I’m a happy and healthy type one diabetic for 31 years now and I’m the founder of Zuckerschmuck®.  At the beginning of my type one career my life with diabetes was very hard and strict: I wasn’t allowed to eat any sweets, had to eat fixed amounts of carbohydrates at fixed mealtimes. 12 years ago I switched from insulin pen to pump and life began getting more comfortable with mealtimes and better glucose levels. Nevertheless I hated my insulin pump because of the medical look and always tried to hide it. Only my friends and relationship knew about my diabetes! I was a very shy diabetic!

At the end of 2014 the “bloodless” Freestyle Libre was available in Germany and I absolutely loved this system and wanted to have it! The disadventage: everyone would see the white sensor on my arm,  for my aesthetic feeling very loveless and medical! This gave me the idea to design beautiful stickers and decoration tapes for diabetic aids, not only for the Freestyle Libre, but also for insulin pump catheters, other CGM systems and patch pumps..

My idea for my startup Zuckerschmuck®, founded in early 2015, was born: Diabetes should be given a fashionable component, every diabetic should be able to feel good and beautiful with and despite his diabetic advice on the body. Ultimately, my goal is to help improve acceptance and perspective on type 1 diabetes in society. I am proud to have founded Zuckerschmuck®, the first online shop in Germany that sells stickers and tapes to beautify diabetes. The positive feedback from Zuckerschmuck® customers make me very happy!

My opinion about diabetes: If life gives you a lemon, ask for salt and tequila!